About Sean

Sean was born on a hill farm in West Yorkshire in the North of England. He spent his childhood roaming the remote Pennine moorlands and wooded valleys of the Calder valley. This beautiful rugged landscape instilled a deep love of nature and wild places that have stayed with him his whole life.

When he was twenty he headed to Art College where he studied for three years graduating with a first class degree with honours. There he also met his future wife, Lucy. He then spent three years working for a film company in Yorkshire, making films and animations for local authorities and businesses.

The media call of London proved too strong however and he soon moved to the capital leaving behind the remote places for the bustle and variety of the city. He lived in the heart of London for three years before feeling the need to escape back to the country. He married Lucy and they settled in a small commuter village in the Buckinghamshire countryside. He continued to work in London for many years but enjoyed having the space and tranquillity of a rural home in the evenings and especially at weekends.

Sean spent the next twenty years developing his career working with some of the world’s most famous magazine brands. His wide knowledge of creative process’s helped him establish a successful studio in the heart of Soho but it was his personal illustration and photography that brought the greatest pleasure.

These days Sean balances his professional career and creative work as equally as he may. He has reduced the visits to London, which allows him more time to focus on illustrating and taking photographs. He still travels to Britain’s wild places whenever he can.


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