I have been using the Apple iPad Pro in a business capacity for eighteen months and thought I’d share my thoughts.

To lay my cards on the table I have been an iPad user from the very start. Not only did my professional life require me to keep abreast of innovative technology my personal preference was to seek out new ways of dealing with creative content.

Along with the upgrades and innovations my iPads have mostly been used for consuming content. Occasionally I would create documents or presentations on the iPad but it was generally for reviewing or amending documents with the majority of time spent reading content through Apps and social sites.

Everything changed with the iPad Pro.

Eighteen months on this is my go to machine, if I am looking to take one device with me on a business trip it is my iPad. I can access all my documents via wifi, read them amend them or create most things from scratch. It even extends to topping and tailing video and audio, creating animations etc. However what has really pulled me from my laptop are some of the wonderfully innovative Apps that are fast and tailored to a touch based device.